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Dive into the Future: Introducing the Renamed SSI Freediving Programs

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At SSI, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly renamed Freediving programs. They represent a significant leap forward in providing a comprehensive and immersive experience for our students. 

With a completely revamped curriculum and enriched learning materials, we are committed to offering the best training opportunities for freedivers of all levels. Let us delve into the exciting updates and improvements that await aspiring freedivers.

Explore SSI’s updated Freediving programs

1.New Program Structure

To enhance the learning experience and provide a holistic understanding of freediving, the new Freediver program has been divided into six distinct sections. These sections cover essential aspects such as:

  • Physiology
  • Pressure
  • Freediving Disciplines
  • Freediving Equipment
  • The Freediving Experience
  • Safe and Responsible Freediving

This comprehensive approach ensures that students gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter, preparing them for a successful and enriching freediving journey.

2. Enhanced Student Experience

Our primary objective with the revised Freediver program is to create a manual that enables students to visualize and anticipate their upcoming freediving experiences. The updated student books have been meticulously crafted to serve as the main guide, featuring new visuals, videos, and a refreshed layout.

While we have made minor grammatical changes, the core content remains largely consistent with the original Freediving Level 1 program, ensuring a smooth transition for existing students.

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3. Improved Instructor Resources

Recognizing the pivotal role instructors play in shaping students’ freediving abilities, we have dedicated significant efforts to standardize the instructor manuals across all our courses. The new instructor manuals are designed to be more efficient, user-friendly, and practical, equipping instructors with valuable insights and actionable information.

The inclusion of “Practical Application” sessions ensures that freediving instructors have the tools they need to deliver high-quality training that aligns with real-life scenarios.

4. Flexible Learning Options

Understanding that some students prefer self-study, we have introduced an online final exam for those who wish to study independently. This approach allows students to dedicate more time to practice, fostering a deeper understanding and mastery of the material. 

By offering a flexible learning model, we aim to cater to diverse learning preferences and create an inclusive educational environment.

5. Transition for Existing Students

We are pleased to announce that the new Freediver program will be available to all existing Level 1 students. This ensures continuity and allows students to seamlessly progress through their freediving education with SSI. 

We believe that by upgrading the program and enriching the learning materials, we can provide a more comprehensive and fulfilling learning experience for our valued students.

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6. Streamlined Administrative Materials

In our commitment to excellence, we have also taken the opportunity to refine our administrative materials. Completion records have been updated to align with the course and skill name changes, providing a seamless and cohesive record of students’ achievements.

Additionally, cue cards have been standardized, and we have added space for instructors to make notes, facilitating effective communication and evaluation during skill reviews.

Looking Ahead

With these exciting changes in place, we are eagerly anticipating the future of SSI Freediving programs. Our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional training opportunities is unwavering.

We are continuously working towards providing instructors and students with the most up-to-date and comprehensive resources, including the introduction of fresh PDF-based PEGs and the upcoming availability of printed cue cards.

At SSI, we are proud to present the newly renamed Freediving programs, representing a significant evolution in our commitment to delivering exceptional training and a truly immersive freediving experience. 

With a renewed focus on comprehensive learning, enriched materials, and improved Freediving Instructor resources, we aim to empower students to embark on their freediving journeys with confidence and knowledge. 

Join us as we dive into the future of freediving education and exploration



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