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Event by Nathalie Lasselin Aquanath: Combined Advanced Nitrox and TDI Decompression Training

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Nathalie Lasselin TDI Course
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Combined advanced Nitrox and Decompression training

You will learn safe planning, the use of enriched air mixtures containing between 21 and 100% oxygen for dives at depths of up to 150 feet. Upon successful completion of the course, divers are qualified to plan and execute decompression stop dives without supervision and under conditions similar to those of the training.

You can follow this training in double or side configuration (sidemount).

AOW-nitrox / 25 dives / excellent buoyancy are required. As always, our students receive 15% off a variety of equipment in the shop.


Event by Nathalie Lasselin Aquanath

September 26 evening; 30 September/1 October all day

Dives: 6 over 3 days at Ivy Lea, Ontario

All welcome on or off Facebook

Contact: info@pixnat.com

Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/events/6711229548940200


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