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Introducing the Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit

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Fourth Element are excited to bring you the NEW Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit, with enhanced design, greater flexibility and more ways to design your own personal drysuit.

Engineered to move with you, the new Argonaut 3.0 design allows perfect fit and freedom of movement when diving in trim.

Fourth Element Argonaut Drysuit

A New Standard in Flexibility and Fit

The Argonaut 3.0 emphasizes enhanced design features, offering greater flexibility and customization options for divers. Its impeccable fit ensures divers can move with ease, especially while diving in trim.

AFT – Articulated For Trim

Taking dive comfort to new levels, the Argonaut 3.0, optimized for diving in horizontal trim, features a distinctive leg design. This unique cut offers uninhibited freedom across the knees and thighs, promising complete comfort throughout the dive.

Sleeker Silhouette with Enhanced Features

The redesigned telescopic torso fits more closely to the body, delivering a streamlined silhouette. In addition, the new warm neck collar system is intuitively designed to tuck away hood skirts swiftly and securely.

Flexibility & Advanced Gas Management

The composite dry zipper, running from right shoulder to left hip, not only enhances flexibility and fit but also optimizes gas management, especially when dumping air from the left shoulder.

Fourth Element Argonaut Drysuit

Wrist Seal Customizations

Divers can now choose from glued-in latex or neoprene wrist seals, the Ellipse wrist system, Si-Tech, QCP Ultima, or the new intuitive PSI system.

Unique for Each Diver

New colour options and colourways (two blue tones, grey and black in Stealth, and the standard black in Flex) means divers can mix and match the colour of their Argonaut 3.0. Designed for fourth element’s award winning BIOMAP measuring system, this is a truly bespoke drysuit, tailored for each unique diver.

Available at https://www.fourthelement.com and through Argonaut dealers worldwide.


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