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Whale Falls; How New “Ecosystems” are Formed When a Whale Dies

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Have you ever wondered what occurs to a whale after it passes away? Frequently, their carcass sinks to the ocean floor, causing a “whale fall,” which creates new “ecosystems” that provide food and a place to live for a very long time to a wide variety of creatures. Watch this video to learn more, and learn more about Canada’s marine ecosystems and wildlife by visiting Marine Life Encyclopedia.

The longest-living mammal is thought to be the bowhead whale, which can live for more than 200 years. The whale was likely bomb lanced sometime between those years, as evidenced by the discovery in May 2007 of a 15 m (49 ft) specimen caught off the Alaskan coast with the 90 mm (3.5 in) head of an explosive bomb lance of that same model. The whale’s age at the time of death was calculated to be between 115 and 130 years.

Life Expectancy of Other Whales

  • Orca 50-90 years.
  • Humpback 45-50 years.
  • Beluga 35-50 years.
  • Blue Whale 80- 90 years.
  • North Pacific Right Whale 70 years.
  • Short-Fin Pilot Whale 45 years.

After living in captivity for more than 50 years, Lolita the orca passed away. (18 August 2023) The orca, also known as Tokitae and Toki, displayed significant signs of distress over the past two days before she passed away, according to a Facebook post from the Miami Seaquarium. Lolita’s demise has been connected to a potential renal problem.


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