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Introducing No Troubles, Just Bubbles

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No Troubles Just Bubbles is a small British and Thai team consisting of experienced divers, travellers & booking agents, working together with our webmaster to provide unparalleled services. The experiences we provide begin here, on the pages of the website, enabling you to browse our pages on any device and through any server. Schedules and prices are constantly and automatically updated, and all the information is thoroughly researched and provided honestly.

Those of you who choose to contact us to make an enquiry about a scuba diving trip in Thailand, Indonesia or anywhere else in Asia will receive a prompt and truthful response. The team member who replies to your initial enquiry will remain your only contact throughout the process, from initial enquiry, through booking, logistical support, and even after your liveaboard diving trip. In fact, we feel that this personal service which we provide enables us to stand out among the competition. Many of our customers come back to book again and recommend us to friends and family. Our initial booking feedback on Trip Advisor is actually in the name of our division specifically for the west coast of Thailand – Similan Diving Tours

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Our team are knowledgeable and experienced in the dive centres, their boats, the scuba diving itself and local transfer logistics, including providing advice and warnings on all kinds of local topics. Normally this is done immediately and accurately. However, occasionally questions which we aren’t absolutely sure about will be answered honestly, sometimes after the necessary little research on your behalf.

No Troubles Just Bubbles is a company based in Bangkok, Thailand & the UK While Bangkok is certainly not known for scuba diving, it is among the most visited cities in the world. From our main office, we are central to many diving and holiday locations, and able to advise (and often meet) our guests. We also have a sub-office is located on a remote island in Indonesia, known to many as Gili Trawangan. We are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The experience of our team comes from nearly twenty years in recreational scuba diving, and the travel industry. Our webmaster department works hard to ensure that your browsing experience is fast, reliable and accurate at all times and from anywhere.

We appreciate that some visitors to our website will use the information we provide to select the scuba diving trip which best suits them, then contact the dive centre directly. There is nothing we can do about this, and we wish anyone who does so the best of luck. The information provided on our pages is as accurate and comprehensive as possible and constantly updated. However, the quality of service that we offer, along with our unbeatable prices and special offers, makes dealing through us your best option. In addition to the price promise, we offer free t-shirts to liveaboard guests and don’t charge booking fees. We are an official agent for all of the dive centres and boats which you see on our pages. In fact, booking through NTJB is actually safer and better for you, the customer.

Photo Credit: No Troubles, Just Bubbles

The two most obvious reasons to support this are as follows:

Firstly, the advice and information which we provide are impartial, meaning that we will recommend the boat, trip or dive centre which best suits each customer’s needs and preferences. We guarantee that the independent advice and information which we provide to every enquiry is based only on the customer’s requirements, and never on which is better for us. If you contact two or three dive centres directly and ask them to compare their product or service with that of another, it is likely that you will not get such an unbiased answer.

Secondly, it is quite common for our customers to change their minds for one reason or another. This includes changing their holiday schedule or plans and needing to change their booking from one boat or dive centre to another. Because No Troubles Just Bubbles normally keep your booking deposit secure until you have boarded the boat or arrived at the dive centre, it is sometimes possible to move you to another option, such as a different boat that is run by a completely different company.

Please feel free to contact us about anything that you have seen or read on this page or another other on No Troubles Just Bubbles.

Learn more at: https://www.notroublesjustbubbles.com/


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