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Scuba Diver Left Adrift off Miami Coast as Boat Takes on Water

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A scuba diver reportedly found himself in a challenging situation off the coast of Miami, left treading water for approximately half an hour after the dive boat he was on started taking on water. The incident occurred near Sunny Isles Beach on a Wednesday morning, according to the Coast Guard.

The unnamed diver was left stranded when the vessel began experiencing difficulties and had to return to shore without him, as reported by the Miami Herald. Following a call received by the Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue around 9:30 a.m., a fire rescue boat promptly picked up the diver at 10 a.m. Fortunately, the diver was safely returned to the Haulover Marina Center and did not require any medical attention.

A video captured by WSVN showcased the diver swimming towards the rescue boat, located approximately 600 yards offshore


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