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Hundreds of Dive Operations Join PADI to Drive Business Growth and Train the Next Generation of Divers

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PADI Membership

After adding more than 300 new Dive Centers and Resorts over the last year to its ranks, nearly half of which joined PADI® in 2023, PADI Retail and Resort Membership continues to grow.

These new members amplify PADI’s vast global presence in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas. As new PADI Retail and Resort Members – many of whom are now exclusively aligned with PADI — they join the world’s largest purpose-driven training organization committed to empowering people around the world to experience, explore and take meaningful action to protect our shared blue planet.

Key drivers for numerous business owners’ decision to align with PADI include the desire to future-proof their operations in line with the growing demand of training more divers and instructors. This alignment provides them with PADI’s superior business support, enhanced training products and a globally-respected brand that engages with new audiences – all offered through the direct assistance of a designated PADI Reginal Team.

“PADI Dive Centers and Resorts are the critical hubs that create and drive the world’s largest diver community, leading the charge by nurturing the next generation’s shared passion for underwater adventure and hands-on ocean conservation,” says Kristin Valette Wirth, Chief Brand and Membership Officer for PADI Worldwide.

“PADI supports its entire global membership by heavily investing in ongoing diver acquisition and retention initiatives including public relations outreach with world-class media, the #LiveUnfiltered campaign, ongoing business consultations and tools, world-class marketing materials, unparalleled educational programs and materials, and effective programs and policies to create positive ocean change.”

With the real challenges that business owners face, PADI is committed to helping members tackle issues with various problem-solving techniques. Some recent success stories and problems that were solved for newly acquired PADI Members include:

1. Filling a Cost-Effective Pipeline of Customers:

PADI worked with Mars Scuba and Steel City Scuba in Pennsylvania, USA to customize a plan that would allow the operator to crossover without disrupting their business model, as they were looking to shift their membership during the global pandemic.

“When we were forced to shut down because of the pandemic, PADI shined with weekly seminars, training and collaborating,” says Chris Lobozzo, owner of Mars Scuba and Steel City Scuba. “We knew we had a real team behind us. They helped us with Facebook advertising and marketing campaigns.  As a result, even during Covid, our business grew overall.”

Now operating as PADI Five Star IDC Dive Center, both Mars Scuba and Steel City Scuba are able to fulfill customer demand.

“Both our centers are working well, systems are easy to use, and we’ve maintained a steady increase in new customers who find us through PADI.com or another PADI vehicle, with referral traffic to our website tripled compared to our previous training agency,” continues Lobozzo.  “You need to account for the incredible marketing and training services layered into the e-learning cost.  Naturally, we’re willing to pay a bit more to have PADI backing us.”

 2. Enticing Customers to Instructor Courses: 

PADI worked with Dive36 in Kuwait to support the growth of their Instructor Development Course. “Marketing the instructor course was not easy, but when we switched to PADI, they helped with advertising and preparing a student to enter the Instructor Development Course,” says Faisal Albayan, owner of Dive36.

Since switching to PADI and becoming a Five Star IDC Dive Center, Dive36 has seen the power of the PADI brand in helping their business acquire new IDC candidates and putting them on track to break previous records and exceed business plan expectations.

 “PADI’s reputation regarding the Instructor Development Course is amazing, with registrations for the IDC requiring minimum effort from us,” continues Albayan. “PADI is the easiest training organization to work with, especially at the pro levels as their curriculum of courses supports the students’ professional development.” 

3. Building a Stronger International Business Strategy:

PADI Dive Resort High Gili Dive Gili Gede in Indonesia streamlined its business strategy to better serve the diverse set of consumer needs, as 90% of their customer base are international holidaymakers looking for unique dive experiences.

“One of the main benefits of PADI is we can offer training materials in many different languages,” explains Neil Barrow, owner of High Gili Dive Gili Gede.  “PADI helps us offer a superior learning experience to our customers no matter what nationality they are. We also gained an increase in our visibility via PADI’s various marketing opportunities like the listing on the PADI travel website, features in their magazines, and promotion on social media. Most importantly we are introducing more people to the wonders of the ocean and sustaining our environment for future generations.”

 “As our organization continues to elevate the demand for diver certifications around the globe, there has never been a more opportune time to be a PADI Retail and Resort Member,” continues Valette Wirth. “These industry-leading dive operations have joined the global membership of 6,600 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts in 184 countries that empower more divers worldwide to seek adventure and save the ocean.”

To learn more about the benefits of PADI Membership and join the world’s largest purpose-driven diving organization contact your PADI Regional Office.


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PADI® (Professional Association of Diving Instructors®) is the world’s largest ocean exploration and diver organization with a global network of 6,600 dive centers and resorts and more than 128,000 professional members worldwide. Issuing more than 28 million certifications to date, PADI enables people around the world to seek adventure and save the ocean through underwater education, life-changing experiences and travel. For over 50 years, PADI is undeniably The Way the World Learns to Dive®, maintaining its high standards for dive training, safety and customer service, monitored for worldwide consistency and quality. With a longstanding commitment to environmental conservation, PADI is leading the way for millions of people to actively explore, steward and protect the ocean through its course offerings and partnerships with like-minded, mission-driven organizations. PADI embodies a global commitment to ocean health with its mission to create a billion torchbearers to explore and protect the ocean. Seek Adventure. Save the Ocean.SM

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