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RAID Presents A Swimmer-Friendly Snorkelling Program

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Swim gear, a towel, a mask and snorkel: what could be simpler? And there’s a lot to be seen from the surface, so that sometimes, breaking out the scuba gear isn’t necessary.

Did you know that RAID now has a swimmer-friendly snorkelling program? Perfect for hassle-free exploring for any diver, and a great alternative for anyone in the family who isn’t crazy about scuba.

This program has its official launch in late September 2023. To check out more about the program and to sign up with your local RAID dive centre.

Snorkeling is a great activity that can be done in almost any body of water. You can use rivers, lakes, estuaries and the ocean. Snorkeling is an easy activity that allows you to see many sea creatures, corals and aquatic mammals. Snorkeling is an activity that does not take too much energy to do. Almost anyone who is reasonably fit can do the activity. It is especially good for children and gets them in touch with the ocean. They can learn about animals, corals and plant life while seeing amazing things.


  • Gain knowledge of snorkeling equipment
  • Understand the basics of buoyancy and water movements
  • Understand the basics of finning & movement for snorkeling
  • Gain knowledge of personal safety and care while in the water
  • Gain knowledge and experience of snorkeling
  • Plan for a snorkel experience

Why We Need This Course

Snorkeling is a simple, pleasant and convenient way to explore the shallow areas of our oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers. It gives both the professional and casual user a way, with minimal equipment to see what is below the surface. With the introduction of the equipment for snorkeling, the experience becomes even better with vision, propulsion and comfort. However, as with all equipment proper use, selection and maintenance are important; this course will teach you these basics and introduce you to the underwater world.

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