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Unveiling the Future: Giosim’s Revolutionary Underwater Housing for Sony FX 30 and FX3

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Dive into a new realm of creative possibilities with the groundbreaking innovation from Giosim. Introducing the meticulously crafted underwater housing designed exclusively for the Sony FX 30 and FX3 professional cameras – the Giosim Case. This anodized aluminum marvel redefines underwater cinematography, offering seamless control and unparalleled ergonomic comfort.

Giosim Sony FX30 FX3 Housing

Elegance in Engineering

Crafted entirely by Giosim, the underwater housing showcases an exquisite blend of form and function. Meticulous attention to detail has been paid to every aspect, ensuring that your filming experience remains as fluid as the underwater world itself. The exterior design ingeniously situates all camera controls conveniently on the outside. With the registration lever and control knob intuitively placed for effortless access, your creative vision remains unhindered – all without the need to remove your hand from the ergonomic handle.

Giosim Sony FX30 FX3 Housing

Empowering Control, Elevating Comfort

Giosim’s ingenuity shines through in the design of the housing’s handle. It not only offers comfort during extended shoots but also promotes intuitive maneuverability. The handle’s customizable adjustments cater to your preferences, providing a seamless grasp that enhances the fluidity of your shots. The handle’s subtle inclination is a deliberate touch, favoring smooth swings and precise trims that capture the essence of your underwater subjects.

Giosim Sony FX30 FX3 Housing

Dive Deeper, Capture More

The Giosim Case isn’t just an underwater housing; it’s a versatile creative hub. Inside, provisions have been made for expanding your capabilities. An additional memory slot ensures you never miss a moment, while the HDMI plug enables real-time video output. The housing boasts a video output with a 16×1 thread and cap, ensuring compatibility with your preferred equipment.

Giosim Sony FX30 FX3 Housing

Sealed with Excellence

Security and versatility merge seamlessly in the Giosim Case’s design. The housing is securely fastened by three robust stainless steel hooks, safeguarding your camera against the aquatic elements. Its ingenious design allows for the attachment of various lenses and ports of different formats, seamlessly replaceable with a bayonet mechanism that retains focus and zoom control.

Giosim Sony FX30 FX3 Housing

A Foundation for Creativity

Beneath the housing, a purpose-built base beckons. Dotted with threaded holes, this base offers limitless potential for mounting additional accessories such as brackets and trestles, all while featuring a zinc anode for added durability. Designed with vacuum safety in mind, the Giosim Case leaves nothing to chance.

Giosim Sony FX30 FX3 Housing

Plunge into the Depths

With a remarkable maximum depth of -120 meters, the Giosim Case empowers you to explore the mysteries of the deep. Unleash your creativity and capture the wonders that lie beneath the surface, all while trusting in Giosim’s dedication to quality and precision.

As the world holds its breath in anticipation, the Giosim Case for Sony FX 30 and FX3 professional cameras is set to redefine underwater cinematography. Immerse yourself in a realm of control, comfort, and creativity like never before. Your journey into the depths begins now.

Learn more at: https://www.gio-sim.com


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