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SeaLife® Introduces Lens Adapter for Popular SportDiver Smartphone Housing

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SeaLife is introducing a Lens Adapter for their SportDiver underwater Smartphone housing. 

67mm and 52mm threaded lenses may be mounted to the SportDiver smartphone housing allowing the underwater photographer to expand their macro and wide-angle creativity.   The precision lens adapter, constructed with hard anodized machined aluminum and stainless-steel hardware, mounts directly to the SportDiver’s lens port for a secure, solid fit.   The adapter allows for easy horizontal and vertical lens movement adjustments to center the lens over the phone’s intended shooting lens.

Sealife SportDiver Lens Adapter

The adapter comes threaded with a 67mm opening, for larger diameter lenses. A 52mm threaded ring is included for attaching smaller 52 mm lenses.   For other lenses, a step-down ring may be obtained through dive photo or photography shops.

SeaLife is also introducing a 52mm 4-element 0.7x wide angle lens that fits onto the Lens Adapter; the new SeaLife 52mm Wide-Angle Dome lens (Item SL054) increases the phone lens shooting angle by 43%, allowing for a closer shooting distance and improved edge sharpness.

Sealife SportDiver Lens Adapter

With the multitude of underwater lenses and a wide variety of smartphone lenses available, underwater photographers now have virtually unlimited choices available to them. SeaLife recommends using wide-angle lenses with optical magnification between 0.5x and 0.75x magnification, which allows closer shooting distances while fitting the subject into the image frame.  SeaLife also recommends using macro lenses with diopter correct between 3x and 10x.  Macro lenses will allow you to get closer to the subject while maintaining image sharpness.  Due to the wide variety of smartphone phone lenses in the market, some lens settings may not be compatible.          

The lens adapter will be available at Sealife’s USA network of dealers by January 2024.

Learn more at: https://www.sealife-cameras.com


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